Guest Cottage Finland

We found our dream property a while back from Finland ❤ The property has a villa from 1910, a sauna from 1938 by the lake and a cottage from 1984.

I started out completely renovating the cottage, which will be the guest cottage, in the late summer of 2015. All had to be done… New kitchen, new bathroom, new WC, new fireplace… compete interior painting from floor to ceiling… electrical works, plumbing works… We even needed to upgrade the plumbing system, since the property is so far out on the country side. A new garage was built and the sauna completely restored and renovated. More of those in later posts…

I will start with the guest cottage… I wanted to achieve a Finnish style, simple, calm and relaxed feeling in the house. All the untreated pine surfaces (except windows and doors) needed three coats of white paint. Finland is dark for most of the year, so the interiors need to reflect as much daylight as possible. Now the custom designed and made windows stand out in the interior and add a warm Finnish country cottage feeling without being dark and stuffy. They are design elements in their own right… they frame the nature outside.

The color palaette is white, shades and tones or grey warmed up with natural pine. I have used black as an accent color in many accessories, it adds interest and contrast to the crisp white walls and floors. Black and white combo, is always elegant. Grey tones soften the effect. Blueberry blue is a tone that I use in extra decorative pillows and throws. In the summer, I add light blue to the mix. In the winter, I add lots of sheepskins and thick wool throws and fluffier pillows. Textures are extremely important. This cottage will house our friends and family from all around the world, mainly in the summer months.



I have used Finnish Designs in the interior ❤ Eero Aarnio, Alvar Aalto, Aarikka, Pentik, BEDesign….


This is how the interior looked like when we bought it…

This is the bathroom before…

This is the bathroom now… I made a utility space in the old shower nook. And designed the vanity and shower to be on the same wall. When you look into the bathroom from the door, you only see a beautiful vanity and a shower separated by a clear glass wall. The pine framed window looks like a painting now, with ever-changing views of the fields and lake beyond.

WP_20150728_19_35_29_Pro 1

The old kitchen and the old fireplace…


This is the new kitchen and also showing the new fireplace. Major changers were moving the new fridge and the freezer out of the living spaces, as they were overflowing to the living area before. I had them, as well as the dishwasher integrated. I also wanted away with top cabinets, and opted for shelving on one wall. The sink also moved below the window. The cabinets are pale grey in a classic design echoing the design of the old custom made interior doors in the cottage.


I cannot wait for the summer holidays, when we get to go to Finland and spend time in the beautiful and fresh nature by the lake. And pick forest blueberries and bake a scrumptious blueberry pie – my absolute favorite! ❤

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