For the Love of Cake

Baking and specifically cake decorating – sugar art – is one of my passions! ❤ It all started with making birthday cakes for my four children. I have attended Wilton courses, and Eric Lanlard’s Master Baking classes here in Dubai. In Finland I have taken part in several cake decorating courses with Kakkukurssikiertue, Pia Penttilä and Marjo Moilanen ❤ This hobby is just so much fun and very inspiring… As a little girl, in the eighties, I asked my mother to dye my whipped cream light blue to decorate my birthday cake 😀 my favorite color… The guests at the time were not impressed, they were weary about the blue… 😀 but no worries, I had loads of leftover cake to indulge in after the party! ;D


This is my cake that I made at Eric Lanlard’s class! Published later in Gourmet magazine here in Dubai.



Hard at work at the class ❤ This was a two full day course, we learned to make 5 different cakes and marshmallows, Eric teaching us.


Genoise Sponge.


Chocolate cassis Royale


Gluten free, Orange and lavender cake.


Strawberry Tart Royale


Recently I have started practicing making sugar flowers. I did several cake decorating courses in Finland, with Kakkukurssikiertue, with Pia Penttilä owner of Kakkuhelmi and Marjo Moilanen, owner of Marjon Herkkukakku. ❤

Some of the beautiful flower I have learned to make – Rose, Austin Rose, Lilly, Peony and Poppy ❤ Even a simple and plain fondant covered cake, with one beautiful sugar flower, is all you need for an amazing impression. ❤

This minty green wedding cake, with edible lace and lilies, I learned to make at the Kakkukurssikiertue Wedding Cake course ❤


On yet another Kakkukurssikiertue-course, I learned to make a birch tree-trunk cake. Perfect for Scandinavian themed parties or to celebrate midsummer in Finland ❤

Some press in local media, from the Kakkukurssikiertue class ❤


Some of the birthday cakes I have made – some for family, some for customers ❤

Throughout the years I have also made several cakes to celebrate the Finnish Independence day – 6th December 1917. For the Finnish Language Program here in DIA school in Dubai. Finland turns 100yrs this year!!! ❤

I also enjoy baking gingerbread and creating edible treats out of it!

Recently I learned more about sugar flowers in Wilton courses here in Dubai. ❤

Dubai Finnish School’s 15th Anniversary Cake – Bookworm ❤


My daughter’s confirmation cake ❤

Some press from Finland starring my Angry Bird Pig Cake ❤

Load of Strawberry Cream Cake for the Dubai Finnish School Spring Party.


My Midsummer birch log cake from last summer ❤ strawberry cream adorned with licorice… ❤ Already waiting to travel back to Finland for the summer ❤

Hope you are inspired to start baking and creatively decorating your creations. To learn more enroll in your local cake decorating classes ❤ They truly are so much fun! And there is always the cake to enjoy afterwards ❤ Inspiring Baking ❤

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