Unique Home in Dubai


Entrance lobby. Family heirloom, a Finnish rug- ryijy- as wall centerpiece. This ryijy was the inspiration of the colors scheme for the villa’s entrance lobby, staircase and downstairs living room.

1184962_367581690046386_1540096489_n - Copy

Fun cabinet for family paraphernalia in the entrance lobby. Reindeer atler and felted slippers as furn decor and a reminder or home in the North. ❤




Staircase. Brown was selected as the wall finish, to cover the pervious cream, to camouflage fingerprints. The railing also stands out against the dark wall, a feature in itself. The framed souverir pictures match perfectly.


Painting and other elements from Laos. A taupe paint color was selected for the upstairs family lounge area. There is also a family wall filled with precious moments and memories.


Kids room. Happy green paint was selected. The pictures were re-framed with bright red frames. All the tones and shades are found in the beautiful decorative folk art cushion.



Kids wall mural. ❤


An antique Finnish wood sofa. Mashrabiya in brown on a happy orange wall.


More re-framed art.



Blue wall next to a brown one, with artwork. All art and souverniers were re-framed and color coordinated.


The family needed my help in selecting paints for all walls in their home and to help re-frame artwork from their travels and previous homes abroad. This is one of the most unique and fun home projects I’ve worked on! So much personality. This truly is a one of a kind home! Be bold and express yourself in your own home and you can achieve same fun and one of a kind results! ❤

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