Dubai Villa Bathroom Revamp


The story about our bathroom renovations in our Dubai home – Master Bathroom, Kids Bath and Guest Bath. Positive thing about bathroom renovations in a house is, that you can rotate the works, so if you are living in the home while upgrades are done, you always have one fully functioning bathroom to use.

Before any works begin, you need to redesign your bathroom (lighting included), select everything you want in it (delivery times on tiles, showers, taps. light fixtures and the like can be very long…). Then tender your design with at least three different contractors unless you have your own trusted contractor or great recommendations from a friend, who just renovated theirs.

You might need to order your tiles, showers, taps, vanities and the like weeks before your renovation begins. Tip-top organization cannot be stressed enough.

Bathrooms take several weeks to complete, so patience is key yet again. Keep your beautiful new bathroom in mind when the going gets tough! 😉


Our master bathroom before (same for all the other bathrooms in the house)… Not very a very uplifting space – old and worn out, cheap tiles and fitting used… What I wanted from our new bathroom was freshness, crispness and beauty. We wanted a shower instead of a bathtub, two sinks instead of one for the vanity, and out with the pidee, which we do not need, we prefer hand showers by the loo for personal hygiene. We had a new window designed and fitted in the same process. I added dimmers for all lights in the bathroom – the ceiling spotlights, the shower niche lighting, and the vanity lighting.

In the mornings you need to wake up in a fresh and fully lit bathroom, but at night, you want to have your evening wash in a dimly lit space.



Some “during snaps” while the works were ongoing…


Out with the bath, in with the rain shower!


Plants love bathrooms with all that steam! If you have at least a tiny window for sunlight, as we do here, go ahead and bring some plants in your bathroom. You feel a bit like having a shower outside in the rain!


The vanity, the loo and space for robes.


The loo.


I opted for light blue, dreamy mosaic tiles for the shower nook, the loo wall, vanity walls and the skirtings, pale dove blue bathroom paint for the walls and ceiling. Pale grey floor tiles.

I accessorized with taupe mats and towels, plants, glass jars with cotton wool, bowls with sea shells. The vanity is from Pottery Barn, as are the towels. Towel rack, hooks, taps and shower from Bagno Design.



Our home was feature in Inspired Living Magazine, May-June 2016, p.26-32 “Baked with Style”

wp_ss_20170410_0008 (2)


wp_ss_20170410_0007 (2)

The page with our new bathroom featured. 😉

We also renovated the Kids Bath upstairs as well as the Guest Bath downstairs.


The Kids Bath. Used to have a bathtub, just like the Master Bath. Renovated in the same materials and finishes as the Master Bath.

10377085_412634985541056_4490013433472787470_n - Copy

The Downstairs Guest Bath. This WC did not have a shower before, so I designed it to be included in the new space.


Close up of the vanity.


The mirror above the loo.

Bathroom renovations are a lot of stress, dust, noise and hard work… But the end results are worth the wait. ❤ I hope you are inspired to create the bathroom oasis of your dreams into your own home ❤

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