Artist’s Home in Dubai

A client of mine, an artist in Dubai, has a beautiful home! We worked together to display her works of art – paintings on handmade paper – to create a relaxed gallery-like feeling in her home. In the living room two huge paintings adorn the wall, décor is kept elegant and simple, so that the focal points are the artworks on the shelf. By using shelves, the artist can easily create various display compositions of her works changing them as she pleases.

10342504_391611557643399_1507694915857161343_nThe living room with two huge paintings.



She also collects art by other artists, this huge piece above, adorns her hallway.



A small display of accessories on a side console – elegant and classic black and white.



In the TV-lounge, one painting is hanged and another leans against the wall.



The same side table in the lounge, this time with a vibrant green painting behind to adore.



Everyday objects as décor! A fun idea to display your sunglasses in an antique bowl close to the hallway.



Small study nook in the living room. Burj Khalifa in the skyline.



Beautiful close up showcasing artwork and textiles in warm tones.



The artist’s home studio. Please contact me if you are interested in the paintings ❤ I will get you in touch with the artist.

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