Vietnam – Villa Song Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City

During our last visit to Vietnam, we also stayed in Ho Chi Minh City, in Villa Song Saigon…Here the French classical architecture was successfully infused with Asian flavor and Far-Eastern elements in the interior design. I enjoyed the ambiance of this sophisticated hotel tremendously as well. It has a town hide-away feel to it… An oasis by the river, yet close enough to the city center.

DSC00061DSC00063DSC00060   DSC00056 DSC00058 DSC00055DSC00182 DSC00181 DSC00180 DSC00179 DSC00178 DSC00177 DSC00173 DSC00172 DSC00171 DSC00170 DSC00169 DSC00168 DSC00167 DSC00166 DSC00165 DSC00086 DSC00085 DSC00084 DSC00083 DSC00080 DSC00079 DSC00077 DSC00076 DSC00075 DSC00069 DSC00071 DSC00072 DSC00073 DSC00068 DSC00067 DSC00066 DSC00065 DSC00064 DSC00062 DSC00059 DSC00060 DSC00058 DSC00057 DSC00056 DSC00055 DSC00054 DSC00047 DSC00048 DSC00049 DSC00050 DSC00051 DSC00052 DSC00053 DSC00046 DSC00045 DSC00044 DSC00043 DSC00042 DSC00041 DSC00040 DSC00039DSC00061

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