Vietnam – Princess D’Annam Resort and Spa


We recently spent our Easter holiday in Vietnam at the Princess D’Annam Resort and Spa. An absolutely beautiful, peaceful place. Loved the calm, elegant and simple interior design infused with Feng Shui elements – all in a contemporary way. A big part of my enjoyment on holidays are enjoying the picturesque scenes and surroundings of a new, ‘strange’ place. I get filled with inspirations and ideas for my work back home during my trips. You are instinctively more aware of all the details and designs in a place you have never visited, because all is new to the eye and senses. It is very invigorating and exciting.






DSC09971DSC09962 DSC09961 DSC09963 DSC09980 DSC09983 DSC09981 DSC09979 DSC09978DSC09953 DSC09951 DSC09950 DSC09949 DSC09948 DSC09947 DSC09946 DSC09945 DSC09944 DSC09961 DSC09962 DSC09960 DSC09968 DSC09965 DSC09970 DSC00038 DSC00037 DSC00036 DSC00035 DSC00029 DSC00030 DSC00028 DSC00026 DSC00027 DSC00023 DSC00025 DSC00024 DSC00022 DSC00021 DSC00019 DSC00002 DSC00010 DSC09825 DSC09824 DSC09797 DSC09770 DSC09836 DSC09719 DSC09717 DSC09716 DSC09715 DSC09721 DSC09725 DSC09727 DSC09688 DSC09682 DSC09683 DSC09680 DSC09684 DSC09626 DSC09666 DSC09674 DSC09443 DSC09433 DSC09434 DSC09436 DSC09437 DSC09438 DSC09439 DSC09441 DSC09412 DSC09407 DSC09405 DSC09404 DSC09403 DSC09402 DSC09401 DSC09399 DSC09400 DSC09381 DSC09374 DSC09395 DSC09394 DSC09353 DSC09354 DSC09348 DSC09343 DSC09356DSC09955 DSC09965 DSC09967 DSC09973 DSC09977 DSC09984DSC09988DSC09345 DSC09344 DSC09342 DSC09341 DSC09347 DSC09324 DSC09313 DSC09320 DSC09315 DSC09318DSC09960DSC09983DSC09987DSC09997DSC09993DSC09980DSC09961DSC09963DSC09981

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